OSKit Random Pool Hacks


This page is deprecated!!

You want to go here: OSKit Entropy Pool Hacks

For testing I quickly hacked in the linux 2.2.12 random driver. I've been able to hook the bottom half interfaces into the linux random pool. There's a test program (examples/x86/rndtest) that grabs disk and network randomness and puts it in the pool and shows you how the entropy increases. The top side interfaces are barely hooked up at all -- just enough to see stats about entropy added to the pool (I think I can fill that stuff in pretty easily).

It would be a miricle if I have this wired into oskit correctly, but I think that the randompool, rpchannel, rpgood, and rpnoblock modules are reasonable enough approximations of what's needed. If people could look at at least the .h files for these that would be really helpful to me.

There's a diff (-ru) here against the St. Pat's Day release of OSKit and a partial mirror of it's directory tree for new files. If there's a more convienient way to get this code reviewed please let me know I and I will try to accomadate that. Any omissions/errors please let me know (I wrote this page by hand). Thanks for looking at my code!

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